Building Project Management & Construction Training Courses

Professional Development Course Programs in Building Project Management and Construction Management that are designed to give you the competitive edge in propelling your career in the Building Construction Sector.


Career Focused Training in Construction Management &
Building Project Management

Industry Preferred Course Training

Centre for Advanced Studies in Building & Construction Management - CAS-BCM is a specialist Training Organisation that offers
- face-to-face,
- online and
- work based job training
programs to meet the training needs of individuals and businesses wishing to develop or enhance their professional skills in the Building Construction and Property Industries.

CAS-BCM Centre for Advanced Studies in Building & Construction Management
Building Construction Management Program

Learn & develop professional job skills to successfully manage building construction projects

CAS-BCM offers industry preferred course training. Allowing students to specialise in core key areas of competency to meet job roles specific to the building construction and property industry.

An emphasis is placed on the desire to continually improve professional knowledge and practice. 

Proven Industry Practices

All education & training programs are based on and underpinned by proven building industry best practices

Training for Individuals & Businesses

Study programs to meet the educational and training needs of individuals and businesses wishing to develop & enhance their professional skills in Construction Management and Building Project Management

Vocational Education & Training

All programs are delivered and assessed by those that have extensive vocational education and training industry experience

Training Delivery from Industry Professionals

All training course programs are delivered and assessed by those that have extensive building construction management industry experience & practice and who are Registered Building Practitioners in both Commercial and Domestic Builders

Training & Mode of Study Options

Offering the Widest Range of Study Options to Undertake Training

Face-to-Face Training

Classroom Based Learning & Training for Underpinning Knowledge and Skills Competency.

Online Training

Independent Study
Self-Paced Learning including seminars, eLearning, webinars, emails, resources and research. 

Work Based Job Training

Practical Work Placement
Work-Based Project Job Training Assignments and Knowledge Area Competencies & Unit Outcomes.

Times of Study

Learners can choose to study Morning
Afternoon or
Evening Programs.

Training in Building Project Management & Construction Management

Course Programs

CAS-BCM offers course programs to help develop well-educated graduates with strong competencies and skill sets required to become practicing building project management professionals and registered building practitioners; with well-structured curriculums to help individuals achieve their academic and career goals in Building Construction Management.

Course Programs include:

• Building Project Management

• Construction Management

• Project Governance in Building Construction Management 

Building Project Management

Management System Specifically Designed to Deliver Outcomes for all Stages of a Project

Develop Skills & Competencies to Manage and Deliver Building Project Management Requirements through all Stages of the Project Life Cycle.

Construction Management

Management of the Physical Delivery of Building Projects

Learn to Deliver Improved Time, Cost & Quality Outcomes for Your Building Construction Projects.

Project Governance in Building Construction Management

Graduate Level Training Program 

Those Wishing to Direct, Plan & Manage Complex Building Projects in Significant Size and Scope.

Specialist Short Courses

Professional Development
Short Courses

Specialist Professional Development Course Programs in Building Construction Management

The Professional Development Programs are suited to individuals and businesses who are limited in their commitment to training for time but need access to the most updated professional skills program available.

CAS-BCM can offer participants both the flexibility and time duration to successfully complete their training for up-skilling in the shortest possible time without compromising knowledge quality. 

All Intensive Professional Development Course Programs at CAS-BCM are aligned with industry best practices and delivered by industry practitioners.


Specialist Short Courses List

Short Course Program Key Competencies

Property Development Management - Real Estate Development

Manage & Direct the Development of Building Projects.

Project Cost Planning & Estimation

Establish Systems to Develop Building Construction Costs.

Contracts Management & Administration

Establish and Maintain Contract Management & Administration Procedures.

Project Program Scheduling

Building Construction Operational Planning using Project Program Scheduling.

Tender Development & Management

Prepare & Manage Tender Developments & Documents for Major Building Projects.

Construction Law & Legislation

Manage & Administer the Legal Obligations in the Building Industry.

Building Construction Codes & Standards

Apply Building Codes & Standards for Commercial and Domestic Projects.

Construction Methods & Technology

Building Construction Methods & Principles for Low, Medium & High Rise Buildings.

Occupational Health & Safety - (Work Health & Safety)

Analyse Evaluate & Manage OH&S Risks in Building Construction.

Environmental Management in Building Construction

Develop Plan and Implement Building Construction Environmental Management Practices & Processes.


Job Training Program

Jobs Training in Building Construction Management

Develop your organisations project team and staff members professional skills & capabilities in Building Construction Management.

Specialist In-House and Tailored Jobs Training Program for Organisations wishing to develop skills and competencies in Building Project Management & Construction Management for current staff and potential future staff members. 

Job Seeker opportunities for On-the-Job Training and Skills Development for professional skills and competencies specific to the building construction industry.


Builder Registration

Builder Registration & Licence Training Course

Mentoring & Training for those wishing to become a Licenced Builder and Registered Building Practitioner.

Builders Licence & Registration course program structured and designed to suit the requirements for registration as a Registered Building Practitioner (RBP) with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) suited both a Commercial and/or Domestic Builders Licence.

Centre for Advanced Studies in Building & Construction Management

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