Builders Licence & Registration Course

Builder Licence Registration Course in Victoria for becoming a Registered Building Practitioner in Commercial and Domestic Builder Licence Registration

Builder Registration Training & Support Program

Builder Registration Training & Mentoring for those wishing to become a Registered Building Practitioners

Commercial & Domestic
Builders Licence


Training in all Competencies for Registration
Skills Seminars for both Commercial & Domestic Builders Licence
Application Preparation & Review
One-on-One Coaching for Interview Assessment
All Documents & Resources for Registration Provided
Face-to-Face and Online Training
Morning Afternoon & Evening Sessions Available

The Challenge in becoming a Registered Building Practitioner 

Because of the many processes and documents involved; preparing to register as Registered Building Practitioner to obtain your Builders Licence can be a very complex, challenging and time consuming task.

Our Solution in obtaining your Builders Licence

Due to high demand & request from organisations and individuals working within the building construction industry wishing to meet their statutory requirements for builders licence registration; CAS-BCM has put together a fast-tracked Builder Licence Registration Training Course to assist those wishing to register as a Building Practitioner in either for a Commercial Builders Licence and/or Domestic Builders Licence.

Class of Builder 

Builder Licence Registration Course is suited for individuals and organisations wishing to register for building licence in:

Commercial Builder Licence Registration

Commercial Builder Unlimited

Commercial Builder Limited to Medium-Rise Work

Commercial Builder Limited to Low-Rise Work

Commercial Builder Limited – all classes limited to components of commercial building work 

Domestic Builder Licence Registration

Domestic Builder Unlimited

Domestic Builder Limited – all classes limited to components of domestic building work 

Training Delivery from Industry Professionals

The program is delivered and assessed by those that have extensive building construction industry experience & practice and who are registered as Building Practitioners in both Domestic and Commercial.

Vocational Education & Training

All programs delivered and assessed by those that have extensive vocational education and training industry experience

Course Program Outline

Program Code: RBP
Program Title: Builders Licence & Registration 


8 Sessions Approx.

On-Line eLearning included

3 Sessions Approx. 

Times & Days

Commercial Builders Licence Training

Mondays & Wednesdays
Option to Choose:

08:30am to 12:30pm

01:00pm to 05:00pm

05:30pm to 09:30pm 

Times & Days

Domestic Builders Licence Training

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Option to Choose:

08:30am to 12:30pm

01:00pm to 05:00pm

05:30pm to 09:30pm

Fee: $5,800.00

Level 1 Suite 9B
80 Keilor Road
Essendon North VIC 3041

Program Commencement Dates

Intakes are in
• Feb. 8, 2021
• Mar. 8, 2021
• Apr. 5, 2021 

Program Summary

The Builders Licence & Registration Training Course Program is a comprehensive Builder Registration Support Program that involves both Training, Mentoring & Review of all key competencies in:

1. Construction Law & Legislation
2. Building Construction Codes & Standards
3. Construction Technology
4. Building Project Administration

- Cost Planning & Estimation
- Contract Administration
- Project Program Scheduling
- Risk Management
- Quality Management
5. Building Site Management
- Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
- Resource Scheduling & Ordering
- Supervising Building Site
- Managing Construction Work
- Environmental Management
6. Business Planning & Management
7. Financial Management

Program Aims

Training, Mentoring & Review program structured and designed to suit the requirements for registration as a Registered Building Practitioner (RBP) with the Building Practitioners Board through the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to obtain a Builders License.

One-on-One and Group Workshop programs to skill & assist the applicant providing evidence in demonstrating advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills suited for registering as a Registered Building Practitioner (RBP). 

A successful application for Class of Registration as:
Commercial Builder Un-Limited (CB-U)
Commercial Builder Limited (CB-L)
Domestic Builder Un-Limited (DB-U)
Domestic Builder Limited (DB-L) 

Prerequisites & Entry Requirements

Minimum Three (3) years of building & construction experience at a level in either trade, supervision or management level

Minimum Three (3) projects within the Class of Registration as Class 1a & 10b dwelling structures for Domestic Builder Registration and/or Class 2 to 9 structures for Commercial Builder Registration 

Areas of Competency
Element & Performance Criteria

The following competencies are covered as part of the CAS-BCM’s Builder Registration Support Program:

• Building Permit Application Procedures
• Contract Administration
• Cost Estimates
• Financial Management
• Supervision of On-Site Construction Works
• Occupational Health & Safety (Work Health & Safety)
• Building Element Construction Technology & Phases 

Delivery of Program

How it will be delivered

Face to Face

Classroom-based learning Theory Session: underpinning knowledge

Independent Study

Self-Paced Learning including e-learning

Online Support

Learner Management System (LMS) including email, resources, research, eLearning, webinars and online consultation

One on One

One-on-One Coaching for the interview preparation 


All learner participants who attend the full program will be issued a
Certificate of Attendance & Completion’ 

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