Project Management Course in Building Construction Management

Building Project Management

Develop Skills & Competencies to Manage and Deliver Building Project Management Requirements through all Stages of the Project Life Cycle

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Course Program Introduction

Project Management Course in Building Construction Management is a specialist professional development program in building project management. The course program brings together new management concepts and proven technical skills to ensure that a building construction project meets all the criteria through all stages of the building life cycle from:

1. Initial Concept
2. Design Development & Documentation
3. Tendering
4. Pre-Construction
5. Construction
6. Commissioning
7. Asset & Facilities Management 

Participants for this program will be able to develop skill sets to effectively manage, supervise and administer the many activities of a small, medium or large commercial & domestic building development, ensuring all key activities & deliverables are successfully co-ordinated and managed throughout each stage of the project.

Areas of Competency

Program Participants are professionally trained to establish systems & processes in Building Construction Project Management including:
• overall project planning
• project coordination
• the appointment of consultants
• design management
• project delivery methods
• preparation of design and specifications
• resource planning
• project program scheduling
• project cost management
• tendering
• contract management & administration
• management of construction work
• project close-out & commissioning 

Course Program Outline

Program Code: PMBCM 
Program Title: Project Management in Building Construction Management 


Duration: 13 weeks

39 Sessions Approx.

On-Line eLearning included

3 months min. to 10 months max. approx. for those wishing to undertake training in a workplace 

Times & Days

Mondays Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Option to Choose:

08:30am to 12:30pm

01:00pm to 05:00pm

05:30pm to 09:30pm 

Fee: $8,800.00

Level 1 Suite 9B
80 Keilor Road
Essendon North VIC 3041

Program Commencement Dates

Intakes are in
• Feb. 1, 2021
• May 3, 2021
• Aug. 5, 2021 

Self-Study On-Line eLearning:
Open all year

Open all year

Note: Modes of Study are interchangeable e.g. Learners enrolled as Self-Study or Work-Based can change to Face-to-Face and vice versa if they choose to do so. 

Program Overview

Project Management in Building Construction Management is well suited to those in the building construction industry and new to the industry who want to develop knowledge, skills and competencies to enable them to undertake job & project roles in managing, administering and supervising low, medium &high rise large, complex building construction projects.

The program helps course participants establish sound building project management & construction skills that will meet the project criteria for time, cost and quality control. 

This course is suitable for those who wish to co-ordinate the building project management of construction of buildings where they are responsible for the overall completion of small, medium & large building developments, including construction management services and handling complex projects and processes.

The course program is aimed at meeting both private & public organisations requirement to produce a functionally and financially viable building project. 

The functions performed by a building project manager typically include the design, or procurement of the design; the construction or procurement of the construction; and, in particular instances, other activities including site selection, site acquisition, permit approvals, advertising of the project, project administration and/or other activities which might otherwise need to be performed by the organisation.

This qualification combines best practice theory with practical workplace applications. Participants will gain an understanding of the specialist skills and knowledge required to become a building project manager or construction project manager or building construction project manager.

The objectives of Project Management Course in Building Construction Management are to

• undertake the necessary activities to support successful project delivery

• implement various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction of the entire building development process. 

Compliance with

• relevant Commonwealth, state and local authority codes, regulations and relevant Australian standards as applicable to conditions of contract, tendering, project and risk management.

• Commonwealth and State legal and statutory laws relevant to the building construction industry, build environment and commercial & property sectors.

• licences, consent, permits, approvals and requirements of organisations having jurisdiction over the construction work.

Industry Sectors:
Building & Construction
Building Design & Architecture
Real Estate & Property
Trades & Services

Occupation Roles:
Building Project Manager
Construction Project Manager
Construction Project Co-ordinator
Project Administrator
Project Co-ordinator
Assistant Project Manager
Junior Project Manager 

However; Students will be interviewed prior to commencement of course program. This interview will be used to determine suitability for undertaking the course including assessment of the experience which the student has in the Building and Construction Industry.

A Skills assessment for Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)
Students are required to be competent in written and spoken English and will undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test prior to enrolment being accepted by CAS-BCM. Students will be required to achieve a satisfactory result in a language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) assessment that will be conducted during the application process.

Entry Requirements
• Be over the age of 18
• Have Intermediate Language Proficiency in English
• Have Intermediate Proficiency in English
• Have Intermediate Numeracy Skills
• Have access to a computer hardware with internet access
• Be able to operate computer programs as email, word processor and spread sheet applications at a basic level 

Licensing, Legislative, Regulatory or Certification Considerations

A “construction induction” CPCCOHS1001 Work safely in the construction industry or equivalent “white card” is a mandatory requirement for construction workers in Australia. This means that if you want to work in the construction industry, you have to have one.

Students are required to obtain this before entering any construction worksite. For more information see: 

Delivery of Program

The program will be delivered as a blended learning program with the option to undertake the program as a Morning, Afternoon or Evening Program.

How it will be delivered (mode; face to face, online, on-the-job) 

Face to Face

Classroom-based learning Theory Session: underpinning knowledge

Independent Study

Self-Paced Learning including e-learning

Online Support

Learner Management System (LMS) including email, resources, research, eLearning, webinars and online consultation

Work Based

Work-Based Project Assignment: Knowledge Areas & Unit Outcomes

Areas of Competency


Unit of Studies forming part of Project Management in Building Construction Management Program will cover key competency areas as:

1. Project Planning & Integration
2. Project Scope Planning & Organisation
3. Project Risk Management
4. Project Quality Management
5. Construction Law & Legislation
6. Building Construction Codes & Standards
7. Construction Technology
8. Project Cost Planning & Estimation
9. Contracts Management & Administration
10. Tender Development & Management
11. Occupational Health & Safety
12. Construction Management
13. Environmental Management in Building Construction
14. Property Development Management 

Element & Performance Criteria

AS ISO 21500:2016 Guidance on Project Management

AS 4915-2002 Project Management General Conditions

AS 4916-2002 Construction Management General Conditions

Assessment & Evidence Required for Competency

The assessment is conducted using a combination of realistic workplace tasks, projects, knowledge tests, response to case studies and feedback from supervisors.

The assessment methods used during this course are:

Knowledge Based Test

You are required to respond in writing to a range of questions and case study activities for underpinning knowledge.

Project Assignment

Project Case Study Response: required to provide a written response to a situation presented in a project case study scenario.
Project Research Tasks: required to undertake project research.

Practical Assessment Work Project

Learners are required to participate in a Practical Work Placement Program within an organisation or business within the Building & Construction Sector and are required to undertake project research within the workplace.


Learners wishing to undertake the Assessments will be awarded a
Certificate of Completion

All learner participants who attend the full program will be issued a
Certificate of Attendance’ 

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