Jobs Training

Jobs & Workplace Training

Jobs & Workplace Employment Training Services

Jobs & Workplace Employment Training Services together with In-House Customised Professional Skills Development Programs in Building Project Management and Construction Management.


Workforce Skills Development

Workforce skills development and staff training & assessment solutions for both Private and Public Organisations planning to undertake workplace training for specific job roles in building project management & construction.

Customised & in-house training programs for staff development and training to better meet organisational project quality management outcomes and performance. 

Job Seeker opportunities for On-the-Job Training and Skills Development for professional skills and competencies specific to the building construction industry.

Employment Training Services to combine workbased skills development and job training for Job Seekers. 

For Organisations

Up-skilling of Staff Capabilities & Competencies for Job Skills

CAS-BCM assists both private & public organisations to train & assess project team members in undertaking staff professional development programs and support organisations recruit, mentor & train potential job seekers in the build environment and building construction industry.

Workforce Professional Development Programs for Major Project Team Members and Potential Future Staff Members.

Our primary focus and objectives are in workplace training for the building construction industry to better align organisational workforce development programs with job seekers wishing to enhance their careers and job training in the build environment and construction industry by allowing organisations to better employ through staff development and training.

Organisation Training Solutions

Customised In-House Training & Assessment Programs

CAS-BCM can deliver training solutions through our customised in-house training programs to allow organisations build competencies and capabilities of their building project management & construction teams and staff members.

Our course programs and specialist short course programs can be customised to suit organisational workplace operational requirements and specific project job roles to better meet organisational practice and governance through building staff capability and increased job performance.

CAS-BCM’s Customised In-House Skills Course Development Program allow Organisations to: 


Partner with CAS-BCM to develop staff development trainig & assessment programs for short or long term

Industry Based Training

Take advantage of our extensive industry based course content and curriculum in building project management & construction

Industry Practitioners & Professionals

Work with our building industry experianced registered building practitioners for course program delivery

Vocational Education & Training Experience

Coordinate course program delivery with our qualified vocational education & training providers

Organisational Project Outcomes

Tailor Training Solution to your organisations project quality outcomes and systems

For Job Seekers

A great opportunity for graduates, job seekers, working professionals
and new individuals to the building construction sector to:

Skills for Employment

Gain suitable skills to attain suitable employment.


Further develop specialist skill sets to further their current and future career position.

Introduction to the Building Industry

Assist those in transitioning into the building & construction sector from other industries.

Training & Mentoring

Train & mentor those that want to develop professional skills in building construction management.

Jobs Training in Building Project Management and Construction Management

CAS-BCM has a commitment to Job Seekers seeking professional development in the building construction industry for specific job roles in building project management and construction.

CAS-BCM delivers Employment Training Services as a Workplace On-the-Job Training for Job Seekers with organisations and businesses providing Workforce & Staff Development Training Programs for potential recruitment of future project team members and staff. 

Job Seekers have the opportunity to
• combine job training and course programs,
• undertake work experience,
• professional career development and support,
• get qualified through our courses
• pathways to higher qualifications and courses
• employment opportunities based on work experience and qualifications

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