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Privacy Policy

CAS-BCM respects your right to privacy and any personal information provided by you to CAS-BCM will be held in confidence.

CAS-BCM will only collect what information is necessary for us to provide an efficient and satisfactory service. CAS-BCM strives to manage personal information in a best practice way while enabling CAS-BCM to better serve its students, learners and clients. 

Collection of Personal Information

As a training organisation, CAS-BCM collects, holds, uses and discloses a wide range of personal and sensitive information on Students in nationally recognised training programs. This information requirement is outlined in the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 and associated legislative instruments.

CAS-BCM retains a record of personal information about all individuals with whom we undertake any form of business activity. CAS-BCM must collect, hold, use and disclose information from our clients and stakeholders for a range of purposes. 

Use of Personal Information

CAS-BCM Operations & Service Quality

CAS-BCM collects personal information for the purposes stated in this Policy from our students, learners, clients and participants in our courses, third parties, service providers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, sponsors and individuals who interact with the CAS-BCM.

We collect and hold information from students, learners and clients through course program related applications. This information includes name and contact details, gender and career history. We also collect date of birth to enable us to uniquely identify applicants and to assess what education & training programs and services may be most suitable for applicants. We protect date of birth information by strictly limiting the CAS-BCM’s staff access to this information. 

Education and Training

We collect and hold enrolment information from students, learners and clients and keep a record of the courses completed. We also collect assessment answers, course results and feedback sheets but we have special protections around this information including separate storage, and technical and policy restrictions on who can access the information. 

Seminars & Workshop Events

We collect and hold information which participants provide through applications to attend events such as seminars, workshops, conferences and briefings. This includes, if applicable:
• Contact details;
• Travel bookings; and
• Image (video or photographs) or sound recordings (but only if you have not opted-out from this). We keep a record of the events and workshops a member or non-member has attended. 


From time to time, we or our service providers may collect your personal information via surveys. We will only use the personal information collected for analytical purposes, updating our records or to assist with improvement or development of our course program. 

Security of Personal Information

We regularly assess the risks of misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure of personal information and ensure that we have adequate measures, including policies, procedures and technology, to address those risks. For example, we limit staff access to personal information to that which they need to carry out their role. We conduct regular internal and external audits to assess whether we have adequately complied with or implemented these measures.

Access to and the Accuracy of Personal Information

You have a right to ask for access to the personal information we hold about you. Unless there is a lawful reason not to, we will give you access to it and allow you to correct any incorrect information.

We will ask you to verify your identity to ensure we don’t give information to the wrong person. If we don’t give you access to your personal information or refuse to correct it we will tell why. You may ask us to make a note of your requested correction to be located alongside information we have not agreed to correct. 

Requests for Access and Complaints

In the event that you have a question, concern or complaint regarding the way in which we handle your personal information, you should contact us directly at:

Centre for Advanced Studies in Building & Construction Management
Level 1 Suite 9B
80 Keilor Road
Essendon North VIC 3041
Tel: +61 03 9070 4737
Email: info@cas-bcm.com.au

We take your privacy concerns seriously. Where you express any concerns that we have interfered with your privacy, or seek access to information about you that we hold, we will respond within 48 hours to let you know who will be handling your matter and when you can expect a further response.

If you are unsatisfied with our response you can complain to the Office of the Information Commissioner Telephone: 1300 363 992. Email: enquiries@oaic.gov.au