Helping You Explore New Avenues in Building Construction Training & Education

We’ve made Vocational Education & Training in Building Construction attainable through self-learning & development, unparalleled student support system and flexible program scheduling.


Our introduction of several direct resources from the building construction industry and underpinned by proven building industry best practices has set us a part from other training providers.


We’ve also allowed for vocational education & training even more accessible to working professionals and new individuals to the build environment.


Discover the reasons why Centre for Advanced Studies in Building & Construction Management (CAS-BCM) might be right for you.



Centre for Advanced Studies in Building & Construction Management (CAS-BCM) is a leading  Training Organisation that offers convenient study programs to meet the educational and training needs of individuals and businesses wishing to develop or enhance their professional skills in Building & Construction Management.


CAS-BCM offers an extensive range of training programs with well structured curriculums to help individuals achieve a rewarding career in Building Project Management & Construction Management.


CAS-BCM develops a motivating environment fostering a culture of self learning and development through its advanced learning systems, based on and underpinned by proven building industry best practices.


The programs are delivered and assessed by those that have extensive building construction industry experience & practice and who are registered as Building Practitioners in both Domestic and Commercial.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is a comprehensive education & training support program that involves both
Mentoring & Training in all key competencies as:

1. Construction Law & Legislation

2. Construction Technology

3. Building Construction Codes & Standards

4. Business Planning

5. Financial Management

6. Building Project Administration

  •   Cost Planning & Estimation
  •   Contract Administration
  •   Project Program Scheduling
  •   Risk Management
  •   Quality Management

7. Building Site Management

  •   Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
  •   Resource Scheduling & Ordering
  •   Supervising Building Site
  •   Managing Construction Work
  •   Environmental Management

Our training services are designed to better meet our students’ expectations of capability and performance.


Course Programs

CAS-BCM offers two intensive course programs to help develop well-educated graduates with strong competencies and skill sets required to become practising building professionals and entrepreneurs.

Specialist Programs

Specialist training & education programs that are specific in meeting the judiciary, regulatory authority and commission requirements to work and practice

Intensive Programs

The Short Course Programs are suited to individuals and businesses who are limited in their commitment to training for time but need access to the most updated professional skills program available.

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