CAS-BCM Programs that are comprehensive and matches needs & interests specific for registration or compliance

Specialist training & education programs that is specific in meeting the judiciary, regulatory authority and commission requirements to work and practice.


Specialist training programs are an element of the process for approval of programs for the purposes of specialist registration in building construction.


The broad goals of specialist education and training at CAS-BCM are:

1. To produce building construction professionals and specialists who:


  • Have demonstrated the required knowledge, skills and professional attributes necessary for independent practice through a broad range of building construction experience and training in the relevant specialty
  • Can practice unsupervised in the relevant building construction sector, providing comprehensive, safe and high quality building projects, including in the general roles and multifaceted competencies inherent in all professional building practice and within the ethical standards of the profession and the community they serve.


2. To produce building construction specialists with a high level of understanding of the technical & management knowledge of the profession.


3. To prepare building construction specialists able to assess and maintain their competence and performance through continuing professional education & training, the maintenance of skills and the development of new skills.


CAS-BCM offers two intensive course programs to help develop well-educated graduates with strong competencies and skill sets required to become practising building professionals and entrepreneurs.

Specialist Programs

Specialist training & education programs that are specific in meeting the judiciary, regulatory authority and commission requirements to work and practice

Course Programs

The Short Course Programs are suited to individuals and businesses who are limited in their commitment to training for time but need access to the most updated professional skills program available.

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