Intensive Short Programs

Offering the Widest Range of Course Programs in Building Construction Management

The Intensive Short Course Programs are suited to individuals and businesses who are limited in their commitment to training for time but need access to the most updated professional skills program available.

All Intensive Short Course Programs at CAS-BCM are aligned with industry best practices and delivered by industry practitioners

CAS-BCM can offer participants both the flexibility and time duration to successfully complete they’re training for up-skilling in the shortest possible time without compromising knowledge quality.

All intensive short programs are facilitated, trained & assessed by those that have extensive building construction industry experience and registered building practitioners to help develop well-educated graduates with strong competencies and skill sets required to become both registered and practicing building professionals.

All intensive short programs are designed and developed with well-structured curriculums to help individuals and business’s achieve their academic and career goals in Building Construction Management

Intensive Short Course Programs

Construction Law
& Legislation
Learn More
Project Cost
Planning & Estimation
Learn More
Learn More
Building Construction
Codes & Standards
Learn More
Contracts Management
& Administration
Learn More
Environmental Management in Building Construction
Learn More
Construction Technology
& Structural Principles
Learn More
Tender Development
& Management
Learn More
Property Development Management
Learn More
Health & Safety
Learn More
Project Program
Learn More

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Course Program Outline

Mode of Study

Course programs are offered as:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Self-Study (On-Line Learning included)
  • Work-Based

Learner Participants can opt to undertake the program as a Day or Evening Program

Course Program Key Competencies

Our courses are a comprehensive education & training support program that involves both
Mentoring & Training in all key competencies as:

  • Construction Law & Legislation
  • Building Construction Codes & Standards
  • Construction Technology & Structural Principles
  • Project Cost Planning & Estimation
  • Contracts Management & Administration
  • Tender Development & Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Construction Management
  • Environmental Management in Building Construction
  • Property Development Management
  • Project Program Scheduling

Reasons for Enhancing Your Professional Development with CAS-BCM

All course programs have been designed & developed in-house by industry practicing experts including registered building professionals and not just off-the-shelf course content

Course programs are suited for both new participants to the building construction sector and for those in the industry to support you at each stage of your career process and provide you with the fundamental skills and knowledge to effectively perform your role in building construction management

All course programs are flexible, based on industry best practices in all key skills & competencies in order to help you overcome knowledge gaps and help build confidence to undertake your role and succeed in the management of building construction projects

Course programs are delivered and assessed by those that have extensive building construction industry experience & practice and who are Registered Building Practitioners in both Domestic and Commercial

All programs are delivered and assessed by those that have extensive vocational education and training industry experience

CAM-BCM is accredited by State & Federal Government Registering Bodies in Vocational Education & Training; which is why qualifications provided by CAS-BCM are recognised nationally.

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We have a wide range of courses to suit your professional development needs.

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